Becoming a Better Writer: Building a Daily Writing Habit

Becoming a Better Writer: Building a Daily Writing Habit

Writing is going to be a critical part of my career, so I need it to come more naturally. My plan… Click To Tweet Writing has always been hard for me.  For a while, as an engineer, I thought I was safe.  Then came writing in grad school.  My MS thesis was a painful process […]

My Top 5 Academic Productivity Tools

My Top 5 Academic Productivity Tools

Keeping up with school can be tough.  Everyone has their own study/organizational habits, but having the right tools is important too.  Notebooks and pencils are great, but there are ways to use technology to stay on top of work, away from distractions and make painful tasks a little more pleasant.  Here are 5 tools I […]

Timely Advice

Wednesday, I received a piece of advice labeled as “the one piece of advice  I wish I would have had day one of the graduate school process.” Give your committee what they want and change the world once you have your Ph.D I’ve spent the past few weeks reestablishing a research direction to accommodate a change in advising […]

A PhD is Not Enough: important choices

As in a previous post this is a part of a series on the book: A PhD is Not Enough- A guide to sicentific survival. This is the second post. In chapter three, he focuses on two important early career choices: thesis adviser and post-doctoral position.  For selecting an adviser he focuses on what the […]

A PhD is not enough!

I’ve been told numerous times that I should read this book and I recently finally decided to buy it and start reading. I posted on instagram that I was and was asked for cliff notes. My next blog series will be that. The first two chapters are very introductory; he introduces the motivation for the […]

Mentoring Works: By Proof

I first learned what engineering was from a mentor I had in my senior year of high school.    I had completed AP calculus already and wasn’t interested in AP Statistics.  Instead I took this ‘course’ of sorts that had been trialed a year before me when three students were in the same situation as […]